5 Habits You Need to Start in Your Twenties


Life in your twenties can be tricky. You’re not a kid anymore, but all these ‘adulting’ things do not come as a second nature just yet. You are setting goals, trying to find out what makes you happy, and what dreams you want to pursue. It all gets easier if you have the right habits to help you!


Here are five habits that everyone needs to develop in their twenties.


5 habits you need to start in your twenties




‘Traveling is not a habit’, you might say. Then make it one!


Really, one thing that teaches you the most in life, is travelling. You will meet new people, explore new places; but most importantly, you will get a chance to challenge yourself and change your point of view.


While you’re in your twenties it is a great time to travel! There are so many opportunities for a semester abroad, youth exchange, volunteering programs… Just choose your adventure and go!


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Saving Money


Most of my friends who are in their twenties agree on one thing – they are sorry for not starting to save earlier.


Sure, it might seem that with that first entry-level job it is impossible to have any savings. But don’t be fooled – if you’ll put at least a tiny amount of that money aside, it will accumulate with time.


I don’t regret spending my money on festival tickets or travels while I was younger, but I do regret not saving anything. So don’t make this mistake! It will be way easier to save if you will have a particular goal in mind (saving for a car, university, or travelling).



Maintaining Relationships


When you’re in high school or university, making friends is easy. You all have the same interests, the same classes, and spend time together. When the ‘adult life’ starts, everything changes.


Some of your university besties move to the other side of the world, others start to pursue career goals or start a family and have less time for your weekly meetups; with some you just don’t seem to have anything in common anymore.


That’s why it’s very important to try and maintain relationships you do value! It is easy to get wrapped up in your new job or relationship, but remind yourself to leave some time for meeting up with your friends and spending quality time together.



Taking Care of Your Health 


If you’re lucky, you’re in rather good health in your twenties and it seems that it is going to be like that forever. I want to encourage you to be mindful and start caring for yourself early!


Eat well, exercise, take care of your mental health. It is easier to create healthy habits early in life than to change them later on.




Planning Your Time


Sometimes I wish I could spend all day in my PJs watching my favourite TV shows. But being an adult is not that easy – you have to work hard to have some chill days.


Planning your time helps you to avoid stress, stay on top of your deadlines and, the most important, it helps you carve out some time for relaxing.


Find a way that suits you the best – notebook-planner, bullet journal, time management app – and make yourself more organized. That will not only help you to have a healthy work-life balance but also to be respected and taken more seriously.


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What Habits Do You Need To Implement?


I hope these tips were helpful to you. Remember that developing a habit takes some time, so don’t be easily discouraged. Surround yourself with people who are supportive of you and aim for the best!


What are the habits that help you through your twenties? Let me know in the comments!



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