Optimize Your Online Dating Profile By Avoiding These 13 Mistakes

common online dating profile mistakes you need to avoid


Is your online dating profile sabotaging your chances of getting a date?


Technology has given us a whole new way to connect and interact with others. Gone are the days of stumbling into your true love while rushing to class (papers fly everywhere, you both kneel to pick them up, eyes lock, the chemistry is overwhelming… we all know the scene); now you can swipe right while eating a tub of ice-cream in the comfort of your bed. An improvement? Debatable. 


This article will outline 13 of the most common online dating profile mistakes: from photos to profile content.


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8 ways that your photos are ruining your online dating profile


Common Online Dating Profile Mistakes: Photos


I think we can all admit that photos are the first thing we look at when scoping out a potential date online. Appearance is what peaks our interest and initially attracts us to another. Your photos can make or break your profile.


Simply put, you can be 10/10 attractive, but if you’re committing some of the photo faux-pas below, you’ll be severely underwhelmed with the engagement your profile receives. 


Too Many Group Shots


If the person viewing your profile can’t even tell who you are in your photos, how do you expect them to determine if they’re truly interested? Online dating isn’t a guessing game, so take the guess-work out of it.


Group photos are totally acceptable, but ensure that the majority of your photos are solo shots so viewers know whose profile they’re checking out.



Sunglasses or Hats in Every Photo


Every heard the saying, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”? It’s hard to get a feel for someone if they’re covering half of their face with sunglasses, so opt for some photos that allow the viewer to truly connect with you.


Wearing a hat in all of your photos may make viewers wonder what you’re hiding under there… like a bad haircut (that you gave yourself). Be sure to switch it up and don’t be afraid to be yourself.



Outdated Photos


If you’re older than 21, your prom photos have no place on your dating profile. Keep your photos recent so if you do end up meeting someone, they’re not surprised by your appearance when you show up for your date. (Catfishing is a real thing you guys…).



Pics with Children that Aren’t Yours


We’ve all swiped by someone with a cute baby in their photo with the caption “not my kid” or “kid in the photo is my nephew”. Save your potential profile viewer the mental energy of figuring out your family tree and just refrain from posting photos with children.



Shirtless Photos


Okay, we get it, you work out. Unless your posting a photo where having your shirt off was completely necessary, then do yourself a favour and avoid looking like a, (excuse my language), douchebag. Keep the clothes on.



Photos with Your Car


Thinking of spicing up your profile with a shot of your sick ride? Don’t. You (likely/hopefully) aren’t trying to find a hot date for your car, so stick to photos of the person who is trying to get a date, you!



Photos with Your Ex Girlfriend/Boyfriend


It doesn’t matter how great you look in that photo from the trip you took together last year, avoid posting photos of your ex. Posting photos with someone who you used to be romantically involved with sends a message to viewers that you might not be truly available… and that brings me to our next point.



Photos with Your Current Girlfriend/Boyfriend


Really? Need I say more?



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5 ways that your profile content is ruining your online dating profile


Common Online Dating Profile Mistakes: Profile Content


If you’ve managed to entice a viewer with your photos, they’re likely going to check out your bio and profile content before deciding if they’re really interested. Your bio can leave potential dates excited to meet you or make them run in the opposite direction… I think one of these options significantly outweighs the other. Don’t you?


Here are some common ways your online dating profile content might be ruining your chances of getting a date.


Mentioning Your Exes/ Past Relationships


If you’re active in the online dating world it should be because you’re ready and willing to connect with someone new. You want to convey this to the people who check out your profile; however, some folks make the mistake of mentioning their past relationships.


“Newly single”, “he/she cheated on me”, “why do the people I love always leave me?” etc.


These phrases have no place in your profile! Don’t give your profile viewers any reason to doubt if you’re truly ready to move on… and if you realize you’re still wallowing in the past, take a step back and figure things out before involving another person.





Putting It All Out There


Do your viewers need to know that you absolutely hate pickles unless on a burger, or that you only paint your nails neutral tones, or that you once laughed so hard that milk shot out your nose in front of your boss at work five years ago? No, they don’t.


Use a filter when writing your bio and ensure that you only include information that is relevant to potential dates in that moment. Your basic likes, dislikes, and tendencies are all good things to include in your profile, but save the specifics and random facts for a date.



Lying About Anything


We’re taught from a very young age that it’s important to tell the truth so don’t let this thought escape you as you write your bio.


Think your date isn’t going to notice that you’re actually 5’11 and not 6’1? Think again. (Girls are psycho, don’t underestimate us).


Are you really willing to pretend to be five years younger than you are for as long as you’re dating this person?


Can you tolerate going to your third indie folk concert in a month because you lied on your profile to seem more “hip”?


Bottom line, just be yourself.



Listing What You Aren’t Looking For


Your dating profile is a place where you can talk about yourself and highlight the qualities that you’re looking for in another person; but be cautious of your wording. There is a huge difference between the following statements…


Bad: “If you don’t like sports, don’t bother messaging me”
Good: “Would love to find someone who enjoys sports as much as I do”


Bad: “F*ck guys who think they can get away with cheating!”
Good: “Looking for someone committed and faithful”


Bad: “Not interested in girls who don’t squat #fitfam”
Good: “In search of a gym partner”


I think you’ll agree that the statements that focus on what you are looking for, come across a lot better than the others.





Being successful in life is obviously an attractive quality; however, it’s the characteristics that got you to where you are that you should be discussing, not your new vacation home or luxury car.


Talking about your wealth or material possessions in your profile can come across as inauthentic, cocky, or narcissistic; which is likely not what you’re going for (I mean, if it is, then by all means, carry on…). Keep your paycheck to yourself and know that you have more to offer.



Put Your Knowledge Into Practice


Open your favourite dating app or website and check if there are any ways you could improve your profile. Time to remove those pics from 2014 or ditch the exaggerated height estimate?


I hope that these tips can help at least one person better their chances of getting a date, ’cause we could all use a little love.


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Let’s Talk: Tell me about your worst online dating experience in the comments below. 

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