The 6 Best Jobs for College Students


When it comes to finding a job in college, the main thing you have to decide is “will this job help me reach my main goal”? As my dad always tells me, “your main goal is to graduate, everything else should support that.”


If the job you are applying for is going to be too time consuming or emotionally draining and will inhibit your ability to perform well in your classes, then that job isn’t for you.


It’s a tricky challenge starting college and having to jump right into a job. Finding a balance between school, work, and play, becomes that much more difficult. The importance of finding a job that fits your busy college life is key. Without adding the right type of part-time job into your schedule puts your ability to achieve your goals at a major risk.


Luckily, below you’ll find a list of some of the best jobs for you while you’re in college. Each one is great in its own way, but not all of them will be perfect for you.


Finding your balance between school and work is very important. You may need to try one or two different type of part-time jobs before you find one that fits best for you. This may even mean a couple different companies within a type of job. Don’t be afraid to have a little trial and error. 


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6 best jobs for college students



On Campus Employment


The best and most understanding jobs are often on campus. They typically pay more than the average job around town, they are usually super flexible, and often times Monday-Friday.


These are the most amazing jobs if you can snag yourself one. Since they are often the best, they are so hard to get obtain. It becomes all about who you know because the job will continue to get filled by friends of the current position holder.



Retail Associate


My favorite job while in college is in retail. Now, I’ve been in retail since I was 16 so maybe I’m a little biased here, but hang with me.


If you can get in with a good local company, then you’ll absolutely love retail. You spend your days talking with costumers and learning about products you’re interested (if you’re lucky). It’s a great resume builder too. You’ll strengthen your interpersonal skills and overall confidence in talking with anyone who comes up to you.





This one is for all my education majors and children lovers. Being a nanny is amazing if you love kids. It usually pays super well and cash out of pocket. Yup, that means no taxes taking money out of your hard-worked hours.


By using job boards, connections in your area, or websites such as, you can find work that will fit around your class schedule. Especially if you want to work with children for the rest of your life, then being a nanny is amazing experience to add to your resume.





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If you’re a major people person, being a waitress may be the best job for you. Granted, the base hourly pay isn’t great, but if you can bring in tips then you are pretty much creating your own pay-check.


Of course, this all depends on the restaurant and the clientele that it brings in. If you are serving mostly to college students for breakfast, your tips will most likely not be extravagant. If you can get the dinner shift at a higher end place, then you can bring home a good bit of cash each night.





Out of all of the suggestions, this one is the most particular to the person. Not everyone is made to be a bartender in college. It’s such a hard job on your mind and your body, but you can make really good money doing it.


The catch is that you are often up past 2am when the bars close, and then have to be at class the next day. However, if you can find a dinner-time bartending gig, then you may have it made.






Lastly, and the most difficult to get, is a job as a receptionist. The best way to get this job is to know someone who owns a local company and needs a receptionist. Based on my research and conversations, receptionists tend to make super good money. If you’re extra lucky, you’ll be able to do homework on the job when it’s slow. What more could you ask for in a job?



Now you’re got the run down, it’s time to start applying!


Let’s Talk: Did you work / are you working while in school? Share your experience with us in the comments below.


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