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We Would Love For You To Write For Us!


We are looking for talented writers to contribute original content to our site. Welcome To Your Twenties is all about providing advice from twenty-somethings to twenty-somethings and what better way to do that than to welcome submissions from amazing writers like you.


Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an English major with perfect grammar to write for us. We’ll touch up any major flaws in your submissions. What we’re really looking for is informative and actionable content about a variety of topics that are helpful to those in their twenties.



Benefits of Writing For Welcome To Your Twenties


While we’re still growing and building our brand, we already have hundreds of dedicated readers that are looking for your advice. Writing for Welcome to Your Twenties will provide you with the opportunity to have your original work published for the world to see and serves as a great opportunity to promote your blog or website.


Your submission will be published with your name, bio, link to a website (if you desire) and one link to a social media account that you wish to promote. We’ll also promote your submitted content on our social media accounts that have thousands of followers.



What We’re Looking For


Welcome To Your Twenties doesn’t cater to one niche, we offer advice about college, health and wellness, fitness, relationships, and more! Anything that can help a fellow twenty-something is just what we’re looking for.


Possible Topics (For Inspiration)


This is just a quick prompt to get your inspired. Don’t be afraid to tackle an entirely new topic so long as its relevant. Think about writing a “how to” article that can instruct others about how to do something that they otherwise wouldn’t know about OR write a personal experience story that is funny and relatable.


College/University: how to stay organized, how to choose courses, what to pack for your first year, thoughts on moving away from home, how to write a great essay, joinging a sorority, etc.


After Graduation: thoughts on moving back home, moving away from college friends, etc.


Fashion: as it pertains to twenty-somethings, best online stores that won’t break your budget, cute graduation outfits, formal must-haves, hairstyles for lazy mornings, etc.


Mental Health: how to deal with depression in college, how to prevent burnout, tips for mindfulness, how to de-stress, etc.


Fitness: 5-minute workouts you can do anywhere, how I developed a workout routine, creating new habits, best stretches for ___, healthy snacks for on the go, etc.


Relationships: how to survive a long distance relationship, how to make friends after school, how to stay close with high school friends, recognizing toxic relationships, etc.


Life Skills: how to plan a budget, paying back student loans, renting your first place, how to be more productive in life


Career: finding your first job, how to find your passion, creating a side-hustle, how to make money online, best jobs for students, etc.


Submission Guidelines

700 words +

Article is original content (not posted elsewhere) that addresses a topic relevant to twenty-somethings.

No obscenities or inappropriate language.

You are welcome to include your own photos or free to use stock photos but it is not required (we’ll find some for your post).

Please note that Welcome To Your Twenties reserves the right to make minor edits to the submitted piece in order to deliver only the most polished content to our readers.

Before submitting, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and follow us on Instagram (check your sidebar or footer for links).

In your email submission please include…

-your first and last name

-an email address that you’re fine with having published

-a short 2-3 sentence “bio”

-a photo (headshot)

-a link to your blog (if applicable)

-a link to your social accounts that you’d like to have shared/linked: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page (not personal Facebook profile).



How To Submit

Email submissions to kayla@welcometoyourtwenties.com.

You are also welcome to email us to approve your topic if you are unsure about it.

We will email you back regarding when your article will be posted.

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